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1909 – The new house, just one year old.  It was originally dark green with a white porch and trim.

In the rear is a new Aermotor windmill and the red barn where it stood before being moved east to make room for a large new barn.  

1909 – a view of the new home from the northwest

1915 – Irene, Wayne, Henry, George and Helen Rogler relaxing on the grass in front of their home.

1920ish – Easter picnic in the back yard of the Rogler home.

Undated – Wayne Rogler and father making ice cream on the rear steps

1920 – Maud Rogler rides a bicycle on the front sidewalk of their home.

1947 – Henry Rogler plays his fiddle for the kids, Susan, VIctor, MaryAnn, Helen, Joan and Patti (left to right).

1957 – Wayne and Irene Rogler with family members at dinner inside the home’s dining room.

2019 – The Rogler home as it stands today, offering a warm welcome to visitors as they explore the Flint Hills Scenic Byway which passes by its front yard.

The Rogler Family Home – constructed in 1908

Henry and Maud (Sauble) Rogler raised their family in this four-square style home. The house was originally dark green with a white porch and trim. In 1940 the house was painted white with black trim.